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As a private chef, caterer and cooking instructor I am often asked "What do you enjoy cooking when you're at home on a weeknight or entertaining guests at your table?" I started this blog to answer that question. Here I will share with all of you the recipes that I find delicious and comforting. Many of the recipes are my own versions of classic dishes, some are contemporary twists on old ideas, and some are discoveries I made while perusing my grandmother’s vast collection of cookbooks dating back to the early 1900’s. Please enjoy these videos. I have also included links to some of the published articles I have written recently. Please feel free to comment here or email me directly with any questions, comments or general thoughts. My email address and information on my catering, private chef and private cooking classes can be found on my website:

Sweet Barbacoa Pork

Sweet Barbacoa Pork

makes 4-5 servings

2 lbs boneless pork ribs
1 (12 oz) can coke-a-cola (mexican coke is better still uses real cain sugar) (not diet - can use caffeine free)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp. garlic
1/4 cup water

Put the pork, coke-a-cola, brown sugar & garlic in a large bowl or ziplock bag to marinade.
Marinate overnight.

After pork is marinated pour pork and marinade into dutch oven and cook in oven for 3 hours on 300 degrees then 2 hours on 250 degrees or crockpot cook for 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low.
Keep lid on to retain liquid.
Remove from oven and drain liquid. Put pork into a large bowl and shred using forks or tongs.

Barbacoa Sauce

2 cups coke-a-cola (mexican coke is better uses real cain sugar still) (not diet - can use caffeine free)
2 (7 oz cans) diced green chilies
1 (19 oz) can red enchilada sauce
1 cup brown sugar

In a food processor or blender, blend coke, chilies, enchilada sauce and brown sugar until desired consistence is reached.
Add Barbacoa Sauce to shredded pork and serve or cover in oven safe pot to heat or keep warm till you're ready to serve.

To add heat to these sweet burritos top with my homemade enchilada sauce or your favorite salsa.

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